5 Surprising Facts about Port Pirie

5 Surprising Facts About Port Pirie

The township of Port Pirie is nestled between the sheltered waters of the Spencer Gulf and the magnificent Southern Flinders Ranges. We have compiled the ultimate list of surprising facts about the destination, located just 2.5 hours from Adelaide. Stay with us at the John Pirie Motor Inn, your conveniently located Port Pirie Accommodation, rated #1 by TripAdvisor. Stay with us this winter and save up to 25% off accommodation PLUS a complimentary bottle of Penfolds!

1. Second Most Important Seaport of South Australia
Port Pirie is the second most important seaport of South Australia (after Port Adelaide Enfield) located on the eastern shore and near the head of Spencer Gulf. Founded in 1848, it is named after the John Pirie, a vessel which had brought settlers there three years before.

2. Safavi Café
Iconic to the town, Safavi Café serves traditional breakfast and brunch food. However, its founding’s is what makes this little café so interesting. Owner, Saeid Safavi arrived in Australia from Iran in 2001 in the hold of a leaky boat, crossing the Timor Sea with all of his possessions. After spending two years in a Detention Centre, he then made his way to Port Pirie. Saeid worked his way up from washing dishes to owning a café on the main street which employs 20 people.

3. Town Name
The town was originally called Samuel’s Creek after the discovery of Muddy Creek by Samuel Germein. Founded in 1848, it is named after the John Pirie, a vessel which had brought settlers there three years before.

4. Award-Winning Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre
Located on the corner of Ellen and Mary Elie Streets, the Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre is an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to explore Port Pirie and the surrounding region. Open daily, it feature a fibreglass model of the longest white pointer shark. Landing in South Australian waters “Shakka”, drowned after becoming tangled in the anchor rope of a local fishing boat.

5. History
Port Pirie has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:
• 1 Alexander Street: Barrier Chambers Offices
• 32 Ellen Street: Adelaide Steamship Company Building
• 64-68 Ellen Street: Sampson’s Butcher Shop
• 69-71 Ellen Street: Port Pirie Customs House
• 73-77 Ellen Street: Port Pirie (Ellen Street) railway station
• 79-81 Ellen Street: Port Pirie Post Office
• 85 Ellen Street: Development Board Building
• 94 Ellen Street: Sample Rooms, rear of Portside Tavern
• 134 Ellen Street: Family Hotel
• 32 Florence Street: Carn Brae
• 50-52 Florence Street: Waterside Workers’ Federation Building
• 105 Gertrude Street: Good Samaritan Catholic Convent School
• Memorial Drive: Second World War Memorial Gates
• 5 Norman Street: AMP Society Building, Port Pirie

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