BreakFree Port Pirie: A New Era Begins with Accor!

Rebranding Announcement: John Pirie Motor Inn is Now BreakFree Port Pirie, Part of Accor

December 12th, 2023

We are pleased to share that the John Pirie Motor Inn is starting a new journey, evolving into BreakFree Port Pirie as part of the Accor hotel network. This change marks a thoughtful step forward for our hotel.

Our collaboration with Accor, known for its global hospitality standards, is a meaningful enhancement to our commitment to guest satisfaction. Despite the change in our name, the essence of our hotel remains: our dedicated staff, quality service, and the warm hospitality you’re familiar with will continue to be the hallmark of your stay at BreakFree Port Pirie.

This rebranding is not simply about a new name; it’s about subtly elevating the quality of your experience. Becoming part of the Accor family allows us to tap into a broader range of expertise and resources, aiming to make every stay at BreakFree Port Pirie as enjoyable as possible.

Joining Accor’s diverse portfolio, which spans from luxury to budget-friendly options, enhances our capacity to serve the varied needs of our guests.

We look forward to this new chapter with Accor and the opportunities it brings. Our focus on providing a comfortable, memorable, and high-quality stay remains as strong as ever. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to BreakFree Port Pirie, where you’ll continue to enjoy the quality hospitality you’ve always appreciated, now with the added benefit of being part of a world-renowned hotel network.